Artifact V Combo Amplifier

High Fidelity Stereo Amplifier

The Satellite

The Artifact X

The Sonalgenic

The Pentone

Stompboxes and Effects

Silicon Fuzz Face

Jordan Bosstone

Harmonic Percolator...wiring shot

Bazz Fuss with 6-position diode selector...wiring shot

SHO clone - hat tipped to ZVex - with all paper-in-oil caps and master volume...wiring shot

My Fuzz Face, built into an old Uher remote control foot pedal. Here's the guts.


  • My first one, which I called Element 32...wiring shot
  • Number 2, using Sprague Bumblebee and Vitamin Q capacitors
  • Numbers 3 through 7, a run of what I call the "Glass Boost" version, because they use glass-sealed military input caps
  • #8 with red Astron signal caps and Mullard OC44...wiring shot
  • Schematic, and my prototype/test platform for auditioning parts, the "Oil Rig"

    A Tonebender/Supa-Fuzz variant I called Superbent...wiring shot... sold to Darren of Flash Lightnin'

    Cabinet Mate, a tool for interfacing heads with cabinets. Schematic

    Audio comparison of two rare echo units...SIB Analog Echodrive and Klemt Echolette

    Miscellaneous Stuff

    Radiometer Copenhagen 100db Amplifier

    SABA 3-way speaker project

    Why I like to use military parts in my builds

    The Hammond S6 Chord Organ

    Resurrecting a 1956 Fender Tweed Deluxe

    Here's a way to play badly scratched vinyl

    "Factory fresh" 1955 Gibson Les Paul it sounds

    1952 Gibson ES125 with Bigsby it sounds

    A rare snapshot from Yorkville in its heyday... Mr. Lightfoot says this was taken at a coffee shop called the Mouse Hole.

    My best sounding radio, usually tuned to Canada's First Rogers Batteryless radio station.

    The Freesound Project