It all started when my friend Tony over at Teixeira Amps discovered one of his chassis had been fabricated inside out, so his layout and faceplate would never work. Rather than see it become scrap, I saw a challenge. I had this gorgeous Hammond output transformer from the 1950's (see 1959 Hammond catalogue page here for the specs) and I realized its mounting centers fit the existing holes perfectly. Tony was kind enough to sell me one of his power transformers (custom made by Heyboer), and I was off and running.

I modified the circuit I cooked up for the X to accomodate EL84 output tubes, simplified it a bit, and added a couple twists. Before mounting anything I letter-stamped it and shot it with a couple coats of Hammertone.

Here's a list of specs for the amp:

One Sunday morning at the St. Lawrence Antiques Market I saw the car badge sitting on a dealer's table for 5 bucks, and I couldn't resist... no vintage cars were harmed!

More pictures:

Sound sample recorded with gain at about 3.5, tone on 5... running into two 1972 greenbacks in a pine cabinet. I couldn't go too loud in my apartment, and the window got left open so you can hear Queen Street in the background (streetcar, squealing brakes, etc.), but you get the idea. This amp has a sweeter clean tone than the X, with deeper lows and glassier highs thanks to what's essentially a Hi Fi output transformer... way higher quality and more expensive in the day than what was commonly found in guitar amps. Make no mistake though, this hot rod can roar! The overdriven tones are similar to what you hear on the X page, but with a punchier, less compressed nature.

The Satellite has been SOLD. Quote from buyer:

"Let me just say that I have played a few Alessandros and Komets and this amp by far provides some of the best harmonic complexity I have been able to get out of an amp. I plugged in a Anderson Cobra P-90 guitar into the amp into a vintage Hiwatt 4x12 cab with Fanes and I can't stop grinning with the result. :) Thank you!"

Update: Since building and selling the Satellite, I've learned that there's an amplifier company in San Diego called Satellite Amps. We have no affiliation, other than good taste ;) Please click here to go to their website.

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