Here's my second build. I found a curious unit in the basement of Zafar's (now closed) shop on Queen Street West. The Philips Sonalgenic was desgned to experiment with an idea called Audio Analgesia, an exploration into the application of sound to directly mitigate pain. Very little info is available on this technique, so it doesn't appear to have been wildly successful. However, I do believe that music (organized sound) does indeed help relieve pain: many different kinds of pain, all around the world, continuously. So I named this amplifier after it, since it provided the output transformer.

EF86 input, ECL86 triode gainstage and pentode output stage, EZ90(6X4) rectifier, and EM80 magic eye output power meter. Play hard, and the EM80 lights up brighter (fans out like a little radar screen)... play soft and it dims, comes to a fine vertical line. Here's a closeup of a beautiful mesh-screen Siemens EM80.

Interior shot

Here's a short mp3 of the Sonalgenic.

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